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About Sylvan Acoustics, Inc

Sylvan Acoustics, Inc., is located in the Northeast Maryland Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. We are committed to the development of the very highest performance electroacoustic transducers (devices that transform electrical energy into acoustic waves, and sometimes transform acoustic waves into electrical signals). This includes devices that operate across a wide range of operating frequencies: from the lower limit of human hearing where sound is felt as much as heard; across the full spectrum of human hearing (~20 Hz to 20 kHz for young humans) where sound is incredibly useful for verbal communication as well as more emotional expression and connection between individuals and groups through the vast and diverse forms of music practiced around the globe; into the lower ultrasound range (approximately 40 kHz to 1 MHz) where ultrasound can be used to guide navigation (SONAR) or alter industrial or biological processes; and into and through the 2 to 100 MHz range and beyond where narrow sound beams can be used to form high resolution ultrasound images to visualize internal human anatomy or actually treat human physiological problems. Each of these different areas has specific requirements for building devices that operate well to generate and sometimes receive sound, but they are all connected by the fundamental science of acoustics that describes the radiation, propagation, reflection, and absorption of the sound waves.

Sylvan Acoustics, Inc., provides expert technical and business development consulting and design services to everyone from individual entrepreneurs and small startup companies looking to develop and demonstrate unique proof of concept devices, to government and academic research labs pushing the frontiers of technology and new applications, and to established medium and large corporations wanting to improve performance or manufacturability of existing designs or be the first to market new and innovative products that improve people’s lives.

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